About Me

Hi, I'm Tom 👋.

Tom Robinson

I currently work as a principal consulting engineer at CDW. I've been working in unified communications for over a decade and I spend a lot of my work life deploying UC applications, fixing weird call routing issues, and writing scripts for contact centers. I'm sure I'll be writing a bit about that here.

I am a tech enthusiast, a metal head, and a dog lover. I live in Tampa Bay, FL with my girlfriend, Gabriella and my dog.

Personal Interests

I enjoy music, podcasts, books and sports. I am partial to metal music and playing it on the guitar in my free time. I stopped playing for a while and recently started picking it up again more often. I'm not currently in a band, but I would like to be. My girlfriend and I also enjoy outdoor activities like road biking and running when weather permits. She encouraged me to run my first 5k in 2022. I am trying to teach myself Python both for work and for my own tinkering and Spanish for fun. You can see the things I use and recommend here.

My Dog


My dog's name is Delci, but also goes by "Doodle". Her name comes from a Frame Relay DLCI, which I heard a teacher say several times in a networking class and always thought sounded like a dog's name. She is afraid of the world but the ruler of the house.

This Site

I am no web developer. This site is my first attempt at putting anything on the web and it's built with inspiration from some of the awesome bloggers I've come across on Mastodon using 11ty and SimpleCSS and hosted on Netlify. It makes things a lot easier than I thought they would be.